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Minneapolis Weddings

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Hello and welcome to - the place to be if you are planning a wedding in Minneapolis. Take the time to peruse our directory of qualified Minneapolis area wedding vendors to find the one that's right for your special day! Need some advice? Look through our Minneapolis wedding articles for ideas, tips, and more!
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Minneapolis has a lot to offer those planning their wedding. After all, your wedding day is a perfect day. It is something you have seen clearly in your mind for your whole life. Now it is time to make that vision a reality. Luckily, there are many different venues and vendors in Minneapolis you can choose from to help you create the perfect wedding.

There are so many great venues to choose from in Minneapolis, you are sure to find quite a few you will have to choose from. These venues will host your wedding indoors or outdoors as is your preference. You will be able to pick whether you prefer a lake view, garden view or even a venue with a city view. The venue you choose will perfectly resemble your style as well as your great relationship.

Because of all the weddings Minneapolis has every year, there are a variety of vendors to choose from. You can choose those who will help you create the perfect wedding look from the decorations to the wedding cake. The photographer you choose will help you capture everything from the programs to the departure in the storybook perfect limousine. When you choose Minneapolis for your wedding, you can have it all.

From The Blog
Weddings and Seasons

Posted under Wedding Ideas

Wedding destinations can completely change, based on the season that the wedding is held in. Many will tailor their wedding date to the season that they would like to be married in. Each season has a unique setting that could be perfect for a wedding. When looking at a date for your wedding, think about all of the seasons and how your wedding would look and feel in each. Summer Weddings Summer weddings all have one major connection point with one another: the Sun. Great Summer weddings utilize the outdoors to bring the wedding into the season. Many of these summer weddings are held outdoors. Some of these weddings will actually be held on the beach. Others will feature indoor weddings, but outdoor wedding receptions. Lakefront weddings are also popular during this time. Summer is the perfect time to have the stereotypical yet beautiful beach wedding. Fall Weddings/Spring Weddings Fall weddings and spring weddings can both enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Fall and spring weddings ...continue »
Planning the Wedding Reception

Posted under Wedding Planning

The wedding reception is the hardest aspect of the wedding to design. The wedding reception is looked at as the celebration of the wedding. Most couples want to ensure that they have a memorable reception. There are multiple aspects of the wedding reception that can make the reception memorable. When planning a wedding reception, there are aspects both large and small to look into. These are four of the biggest aspects of the reception to consider when planning the event itself. Catering The food is always an important part of any reception. It is important to think about the food, and how much of it there will be. Food requires RSVPing in most situations. Thinking about this as early as possible will allow you to give people time to make their decision. It also gives you the chance to change the catering menu before the wedding. Bar The bar is often a focal point in any wedding reception. Many will wonder whether or not there will be a bar. They also wonder whether it will be an o ...continue »
How to Do a Las Vegas Wedding

Posted under Wedding Ideas

Some couples choose to forgo formal church weddings and opt for a Las Vegas wedding. Las Vegas is known as the marriage capital of the world and it draws people from all over the country to enter into marriage. The ease of process to get married in Las Vegas is one of the attractions and as they say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! Marriage licenses are issued by the Marriage Bureau, located in the Clark County Clerk’s Office. A person age 18 or older may apply for a wedding license as well as individuals who are ages 16 or 17 if they have written parental consent. A minor who is age 15 can apply with written parental consent and a decree issued by a Nevada judge. There is no citizenship or residency requirement to apply for a marriage license; to get married you must provide proof of age and any additional supporting documents and pay the $60 cash fee. Marriage licenses can be issued up to 12 midnight every day, including holidays. With the marriage license in hand, you ...continue »
Choosing Wedding Party Attire

Posted under Wedding Planning

One of the central parts of a wedding is the choice of wedding attire for the bridal party. Wedding attire can be simple and straightforward or involve elaborate costumes and coordinated clothing for both bridesmaids and groomsmen. Bridesmaids The choice of bridesmaids gowns can be determined by a number of different factors. Very often, bridesmaids need to pay for their own dresses, so cost is a huge determinant of the choice of gowns for bridesmaids and even the maid of honor. Another factor can be the need to find dresses that look good on a number of different body types and heights. To meet what can be vastly differing body styles, dresses that are simple in decoration and cut can help make this issue easier to deal with. Another option is to choose dresses that are all the same color or are made of the same fabric, but are made from dress patterns that are flattering to each specific bridesmaid. Tuxedos Tuxedo styles have changed from the standard black tuxedo of yestery ...continue »
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