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Weddings and Seasons

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Minneapolis Wedding Articles » Wedding Ideas

Wedding destinations can completely change, based on the season that the wedding is held in. Many will tailor their wedding date to the season that they would like to be married in. Each season has a unique setting that could be perfect for a wedding. When looking at a date for your wedding, think about all of the seasons and how your wedding would look and feel in each.

Summer Weddings

Summer weddings all have one major connection point with one another: the Sun. Great Summer weddings utilize the outdoors to bring the wedding into the season. Many of these summer weddings are held outdoors. Some of these weddings will actually be held on the beach. Others will feature indoor weddings, but outdoor wedding receptions. Lakefront weddings are also popular during this time. Summer is the perfect time to have the stereotypical yet beautiful beach wedding.

Fall Weddings/Spring Weddings

Fall weddings and spring weddings can both enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Fall and spring weddings often feature a wedding that is held in a park or outdoor setting. Many fall and spring weddings tend to avoid beaches and lakefronts, as the weather is temperamental. These weddings have a great chance of being cancelled or moved indoors due to inclement weather.

Fall weddings and spring weddings can also utilize indoor and outdoor settings. A indoor wedding and reception with an outdoor tent or patio can bring the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor. Relying fully on an outdoor wedding during the fall or spring weddings may be too risky, but using a small aspect of the outdoors can be possible.

Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are more interesting and more difficult to make work. While it is easy to have a winter wedding inside, it is difficult to use the season to your advantage. Those who are looking at winter weddings should use the winter weather as a theme. A woodsy, rustic feel works perfectly during the winter months. Horse drawn carriages and winter wonderland themes will only work perfectly when there is snow on the ground. Some may even seek out colder areas for a destination wedding just to have the ability to have snow during the wedding.

Summer weddings seem to feature beach side weddings. Some will look to lakes, while others to larger bodies of water. Fall and Spring weddings often look toward parks and beautiful outdoor settings for the perfect wedding. Winter weddings are often inside. Many of these weddings feature outside aspects that bring in the winter seasons without bringing in the cold. Each season has something new and fresh to offer to your wedding. Thinking about your wedding in each season will help you to choose the best season possible.

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