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Choosing Wedding Party Attire

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One of the central parts of a wedding is the choice of wedding attire for the bridal party. Wedding attire can be simple and straightforward or involve elaborate costumes and coordinated clothing for both bridesmaids and groomsmen.


The choice of bridesmaids gowns can be determined by a number of different factors. Very often, bridesmaids need to pay for their own dresses, so cost is a huge determinant of the choice of gowns for bridesmaids and even the maid of honor.

Another factor can be the need to find dresses that look good on a number of different body types and heights. To meet what can be vastly differing body styles, dresses that are simple in decoration and cut can help make this issue easier to deal with. Another option is to choose dresses that are all the same color or are made of the same fabric, but are made from dress patterns that are flattering to each specific bridesmaid.


Tuxedo styles have changed from the standard black tuxedo of yesteryear. Today, tuxedos can come in many different styles and cuts. One of the sources for a good representation of current tuxedo fashions is at bridal shows, which have fashion shows for both bridal and groom attire.

When choosing tuxedos for the bridal party, many brides want to coordinate at least one part of the tuxedo with bridesmaids dresses. To this end, it may be desirable to choose a standard black tuxedo with a colored cummerbund or tie.

Another more formal style of tuxedos is the morning suit or long tux and tails. The primary recognizable feature of these tuxedos are the suit jackets that are very long in the back and often reach to the length of approximately the wearer’s knees.


Costume wedding party attire can run the gamut of almost every type of character imaginable. One very common form of costuming for wedding parties is attire that reflects historical periods or ethnic attachments. For example, couples who have differing ethnic or national affiliations may choose traditional attire for their wedding clothing.

Another popular type of costuming is to reach back to period dress. This can include renaissance period clothing, Civil War attire, Victorian clothing, and even western wear from the late 1800s.

Some couples decide to show their sense of humor with their choice of wedding attire and may draw from movies they enjoy or from holidays the particularly enjoy that may tie in with their wedding date. Two extremely popular holidays for wedding are Halloween and Christmas.


Wedding attire can reflect the tastes and personal history of the wedding couple. One of the determining factors in choosing wedding clothing can be cost, since very often members of the wedding party are expected to cover the cost of their wedding attire.

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