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Planning the Wedding Reception

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Minneapolis Wedding Articles » Wedding Planning

The wedding reception is the hardest aspect of the wedding to design. The wedding reception is looked at as the celebration of the wedding. Most couples want to ensure that they have a memorable reception. There are multiple aspects of the wedding reception that can make the reception memorable. When planning a wedding reception, there are aspects both large and small to look into. These are four of the biggest aspects of the reception to consider when planning the event itself.


The food is always an important part of any reception. It is important to think about the food, and how much of it there will be. Food requires RSVPing in most situations. Thinking about this as early as possible will allow you to give people time to make their decision. It also gives you the chance to change the catering menu before the wedding.


The bar is often a focal point in any wedding reception. Many will wonder whether or not there will be a bar. They also wonder whether it will be an open bar, or a cash bar. While this may not be the most important thing to you or your spouse, it could be important to the guests in terms of an enjoyable time. Thinking of the bar and the guests is an important aspect in planning the reception.


The seating for the wedding reception is important. Many will push this off until the last minute. While you may be sure that you have enough seats, you want to have the perfect seating arrangement. Taking the time on the seating arrangement is the best way to plan your wedding reception for guests. You may decided that specific assigned seating is not needed. Either way, be sure that you have put thought into the seating of the wedding.


The design of the wedding reception is crucial to how memorable it will be. The choice of colors, textures, and lighting can completely change how the reception feels. When planning the reception, do not let the design slack. Think of the design thoroughly to have an amazing reception.

The food and drink at a wedding reception is always important. Taking the time to work out the fine details of the catering and the bar is a great way to have a memorable reception. The seating and design of the actual reception itself is always important. Take the time to have a reason behind the seating of the guests and party and the design of the wedding reception as a whole. This can help you to understand why you are planning the way you are, and how your guests will view the reception.

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